¡ESSO! Afrojam Funkbeat ~ Mundo Vale (AfroQbano Batucada Mix)



The drums of war aren't only heard during a physical battle. Sometimes, they are experienced inside when the battle is with our worst enemy — the self. Fear — fear of the end of the world, most of the time, is merely an extension of our own mortality. These feelings start to creep into our awareness and for some, they begin to distress and paralyze us. It's a disease that needs a tonic, and AfroQbano's remix of ¡ESSO! Afrojam Funkbeat's Mundo Vale, is just what the shaman ordered.

Caixa de guerra kicks off the track in pure batucada style eliciting excitement and a call not only to dance, but to think and to feel, and to eventually understand that — look, the World is going to end. You are going to die. Live your life; and when it's time — welcome your death. Otherwise, are you really living?

What's great about this track is how AfroQbano takes us deeper without loosing the energy of the batucada caixa snare while also layering in Armando Pérez's fast & funky wah wah guitar with Diana Mosquera's interpretive vocals. And he doesn't stop there — throw in the melodic percussion of steel pan & the soothing blues-sax of Kevin Miller and one starts to feel better about their own mortality,
and move on to life.