Show Review: Dos Santos Vinyl Release


Over the weekend, Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta had a release party for their latest piece of vinyl now out on Electric Cowbell Records. The night was full of amazing music! Dos Santos enlisted the help of their friends, Los Vicios de Papá and Beats y Bateria.

Beats y Bateria opened the night with a mixture of Latin American sounds. It was only their second performance, and I was surprised because they were very tight. The most enjoyable part of the performance were the female lead vocals. The music industry is a male dominated world and it’s always refreshing to see a talented female vocalist.

Los Vicios de Papa performed after Beats y Bateria. They brought the house down so hard that crowd was chanting “o-TRA! o-TRA! o-TRA!”. Los Vicios transitions were flawless. I spoke to Ryan (Rhythm Guitar) of Los Vicios after the show and he said he felt the music was very tight. Everyone in the crowd was really feeling the Ondas.

Last but not least, Dos Santos brought the Chicha hard. They performed some crowd favorites such as “Corre Caballo”. Everyone was there to dance and they did just that. Dos Santos are one of the best live bands in Chicago. Their cumbia rhythms are flawless. A lot of their fans associate them with the cumbia sound but their new material had a funk and a rock n’ roll edge to it. It was very cool to hear a different sound from the Dos Santos crew.


Overall, the show was amazing. Great music and cool people. I definitely didn’t forget to scoop up the vinyl.