Mariel Mariel

Positioning is important; something Mariel Mariel seems to have understood when she left her home in Santiago for Mexico City in pursuit of her music. Leaving one's family and friends can be difficult. We get entrenched - we fear the unknown - or, maybe we fear the aftermath of failure. There are numerous ways we reason ourselves into paralysis; however, positioning is important. And in this case - inspiration was at stake.

At first listen I was immediately hooked. Tírame Un Beso seduces. It's blend of rhythmic Hip Hop under an unfolding array of melody that starts atmospheric, refines itself, then unexpectedly opens up as if to say,

"Prepare yourself."

One moment she's sensual, one moment she's edgy, the next she's coy - and I can't help but want more. Tírame un Beso foreshadows a bit of everything this EP release has on display. We get the Folk influences she grew up with (her father plays the sax and the flute in traditional Andean style), we get the Jazz, we get the Electronic and the splashes of Rock and Hip Hop. It's a brilliant microcosm of the musical range she's able to express - as well as the emotional range she's capable of.

What's more is every track masterfully plucked at my emotional cords in one way or another; and that, is hard for me to come by. The title track Foto Pa Ti, ramps up the energy with a persistent clap and a driving bassline that swells with a host of percussive hits, snares, and bells that drop out leaving us with a downward bass slur and Mariel's deep, sultry lyrics. (Exhale) 

Needless to say, each track is right where it should be to create tension that sets the stage for a wonderful release as we make our way through the EP. The arrangements are intelligent, engaging, and uplifting. Los Bajos Vibran En Mi Pecho seriously had me floating when it was all said and done - and that, defies the laws of physics. SHE defies the laws of physics.

Mariel Mariel will perform Saturday, July 11th at Addams/Medill Park.

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