When Ruido Fest came to Chicago, I lost it.

Wide-eyed and crackling with excitement, a realization slapped me in the face:
This was unprecedented here; never had so many top-notch Latin artists assembled in one spot for a Chicago weekend music festival.

A few conversations later it had become clear to me that, although many artists had made their way to our city, we still were slightly deprived when it came to live experiences on that scale. Ozomatli, Los Amigos Invisibles, Ana Tijoux - they (and others) have always done a great job playing Chicago. And, even though we have Enchufate, we have Beat Latino, and we have Vocalo, it just felt like we were missing something.

So Why This Website?

Initially, the vision for Nuestro Ruido was to showcase Chicago's Latin Alternative artists, and the up-and-coming Ruido Fest performers that we may or may not have experienced before. Now that the festival is a reality and we are anxiously awaiting its next incarnation, Nuestro Ruido can evolve and serve as an archive for news and information while actively seeking out new, emerging Latin Alt sounds.

But, it is also for the artists. Promoting Latin Alternative is a challenge, especially for those just starting out. The more we talk about it, the more positive connections can be made between those who want to move - and those who want to be moved.





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